We work collaboratively with faith based communities and non profit organizations to build diverse, inclusive and sustainable communities.

Our Story

Across Canada, faith based communities and non profit organizations are some of the largest landowners in the country. Their gathering spaces are valued for their community presence, service and for bringing people together.

The United Property Resource Corporation is an independently managed property redevelopment corporation, founded by the United Church of Canada, that works to ensure that these gathering spaces remain at the heart of the communities for which they were built – in a modern, relevant and useful way. Working with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), UPRC collaborates with these land owners to remodel some of their real estate assets into affordable housing communities.

How We Work

UPRC takes a ‘community first’ approach to property assessment, development, and long term asset management support. Through this, we ensure the future sustainability of community spaces, promote social inclusion and revive neighbourhoods.

Our unique approach to property redevelopment provides an innovative and practical solution to not only strengthen and amplify their social impact, but to also maximize the value of their real estate assets in a modern and impactful way.

Happening Now

OUR MISSION is to be a trusted partner and leader, working collaboratively to build diverse, affordable, sustainable communities where all can live, gather and thrive.


OUR VISION is to work together to build open, resilient communities that honour the land and create a legacy for future generations.


Property Development Expertise

The United Property Resource Corporation has a team of professionals that provide the full range of services required to move projects from start to finish. Upon recognizing the redevelopment potential of each site, our team of accredited professionals work collaboratively with all key stakeholders to realize the vision that has been established for the site.

Reviving Mission

UPRC helps communities of faith and non profit organizations utilize their real estate assets more effectively for social impact. We help them build spaces that will meet their current and future needs. All redevelopments are also done in consultation with community stakeholders, creating space for partnerships that will build diverse and resilient communities.

Durable & Affordable Housing

1.7 million people across Canada are living in homes that are inadequate or unaffordable. Another 25,000 Canadians are chronically homeless. By partnering with the United Property Resource Corporation, denominations and non profit organizations can help ensure that more Canadians have access to the safe and affordable housing that they deserve, and a chance at a brighter future.

Financial Sustainability

UPRC is aware of the financial challenges that communities of faith and non profit organizations experience. We understand that some communities have concerns of compounding expenses but shrinking cash reserves. Others, while financially healthy, recognize that their properties aren’t being utilized to their full potential. We work collaboratively to maximize the value of real estate assets and develop financial models that will create lasting financial sustainability.