TORONTO, ON | July 19, 2021: United Property Resource Corporation (UPRC) and Dark Matter Labs (DM) are excited to announce their collaboration to map out the positive community spillover values from UPRC’s real estate development model. The purpose is to demonstrate how UPRC’s community-focused real estate development projects can have measurable, long-term positive effects — through features such as green assets, renewable energy, community spaces and mixed living — to strengthen neighborhood well-being.

DM is a not-for-profit global organization with one of its key missions being to strengthen neighborhood resilience by reconceiving traditional real estate models; models that are routinely indifferent to neighborhood needs, climate breakdown and skyrocketing housing prices. To achieve this, DM is focused on designing a range of innovations responsive to both market and community needs, including perpetual financing instruments, community governance structures and tools for aggregating development spillover values.

“When we think of real estate development, we think of a project that has been planned in isolation based on the demands of the capital that drives that sector,” explains DM Capital and Investments Co-Lead, Anastasia Mourogova Millin.

“We rarely see real estate developments, like UPRC’s, being planned by private stakeholders from the point of view of community resilience in the face of climate crisis; or as a transition path towards robust social capital; or as a vehicle for neighbourhood-wide renewable energy integration,“ she explained.

UPRC is a community building real estate developer focused on creating mixed income and affordable rental housing across Canada. Its development strategy aims to generate a portfolio of positive community impacts that together contribute to long-term neighborhood health.  DM views the opportunity to collaborate with UPRC as a way to showcase how real estate development can be a win-win process, that creates a multitude of perpetual community co-benefits.  

“By mapping out project spillover values, we can see, for example, how integrating passive housing standards becomes not just about energy conservation, but also about the mental health of the multi-generations living within a neighbourhood. Or about the reduction in health liabilities on various public balance sheets” explained Mourogova Millin. “It’s exciting to have the opportunity to work with UPRC to map-out these potential short and long-term spillover benefits.”

“We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with DM and enrich the work that we are doing to build sustainable communities of the future. Together, we can bring much needed focus on the potential for real estate to positively impact neighbourhoods across Canada,” said Tim Blair, CEO, UPRC.

About UPRC

United Property Resource Corporation (UPRC) is a community driven real estate developer focused on creating mixed income and affordable rental housing across Canada. Its residential real estate developments address affordable living, climate transition and integration of community spaces. Together with its partners, UPRC is working to create socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable communities through development projects targeted to benefit communities for the next 100 years.

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About DM

Dark Matter Labs is a not-for-profit global organization focused on collaboratively building innovative solutions in response to the technological revolution and climate breakdown. Our aim is to uncover the “dark matter” of institutions, economic systems, and political and regulatory landscapes in order to support a more democratic, distributed and sustainable future. We leverage the brilliance of the human mind, advancements in digital technology, passion for creativity and rich cultural diversity to co-create, prototype and implement the novel frameworks of the 21st century.

DM is pushing towards an innovative global approach to new neighbourhood development that is part of their mandate for ReCapitalizing civic assets, where they are closely supported by their European partner Climate-Kic.

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